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Ep 44: Jules Huguenin - French junior trials team to NZ trials schools



Jules Huguenin is a former French Junior Team rider, who competed in the 125cc class of the world championship during his youth. Although he never pursued a career as a trials rider he remained connected with the sport when work took him to Paris and even went over to the UK to do the Scott Trial. He fills us in on the French Classic championship which is similar to the road nationals in the UK, and the we discuss his move to New Zealand.


Jules is now running Trials schools up and down the country and is active in Pioneer Motorcycle club.


Despite his short time in NZ he's been on the Podium a number of times in the NZ Trial Championship.


Honestly, I had a thoroughly awesome conversation with Jules, and it's made me even more keen to get across to NZ for some trials when travel restrictions lift.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Jules.









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