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Ep 46: Karl Davis Jr - The trials superhero

9th Oct, 2020 | David Grice

Ep 46: Karl Davis Jr - The trials superhero



Karl Davis Jr is one of the top 3 riders in the USA, and has represented his country at the TdN.


That is normally an impressive feat it's actually not the most interesting part of this chat. As you will hear, Karl has spent the last few years pre covid dressing up as Marvel superheros and riding bikes as his job when he was touring with the Marvel Universe Live.


He also tells us about how he managed to resume trials riding while on tour and how he is taking his ambassadorial role in the sport seriously. We also hear about that 1 point difference to Alexander Niederer in the 2019 NATC championship the decided 2nd & 3rd position.


We get to hear about Karl's nomadic life and how he weaves trials around the USA into his current travels including training clinics on an as needed basis.


Karl also has recently switched to Vertigo after a long stint with Ryan Young Products as a Scorpa and previously a Sherco rider so we get to chatting about that as well.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Karl Davis Jr.








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