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Ep 47: Gary Macdonald - The top Scott

16th Oct, 2020 | David Grice

Ep 47: Gary Macdonald - The top Scott



Gary Macdonald is one of Scotland's most accomplished riders.


He's competed in most of the SSDT since 2002, and almost all the times finished in the top 10. He was even the holder of the yellow plate at times which can be more pressure than some riders want.


On top of this, he's won numerous Scottish trials championships,  and even flirted with Trials in Europe competing himself and also working with Graham Jarvis on his campaigns.


One of Gary's recent achievements has been to win the Pre 65 Scottish 2 day trials, which is unbelievably competitive as you will hear him describe. 


Although not currently actively riding trials as push bikes have become his more recent focus, Gary still makes an exception for the SSDT.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Gary Mac.






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