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Ep 52: Neil Hawker - Dakar...take 2

4th Jan, 2021 | David Grice

Ep 52: Neil Hawker - Dakar...take 2



Neil Hawker is a well credentialed guest having done quite a bit in trials as well as other disciplines.


Neil has done:

  • 10 x SSDT
  • Been on the Army trials team
  • 3 x ISDE
  • 24-hour dawn til dusk - winner overall
  • Dakar rally
  • Works at BMW Off-road Road school
  • Done the British enduro championships 
  • Works with
  • And previously worked with Dougie Lampkin, Alexz Wigg, Mike Brown, James Dabill and Jack Price at Goodwood and other events


As you will hear, Neil's first Dakar was cut short on day 5 due to injury but we recorded this in November 2020 as he was in the final stages of his second attempt and I publish today, he is currently sitting mid table around 4 hours behind the leaders after the first day of competition in the 2021 Dakar.


We go into a bit of the nitty-gritty around the practicalities of getting to Dakar.


There was heaps of name dropping as well in this episode.


I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish David Knight the best in his first Dakar attempt. David Knight was another guest on the podcast back on Episodes 25 & 26 and despite some significant disruption in his funding to get him across to Dakar, he has eventually made it.









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