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Ep 53: Mike Komer - The 45 year loop

17th Jan, 2021 | David Grice

Ep 53: Mike Komer - The 45 year loop



Today we get back to visit our USA friends of the podcast and chat to Mike Komer. Mike has been involved in motorcycles for nearly 50 years and trials for about 45.


He the owner of TryalsShop which is a trials specific dealer and workshop based in upstate New York, but Mike's story is much richer than that. He's been a stalwart of trials in the USA for many years, support the many World rounds in the USA and Canada, and also had roles on the TdN teams.


Although his focus has been on developing and growing the sport Mike also hold a Over 45 NATC title to his name. He's also been a minder for some of the top world riders and also fostered talent in the USA trials scene.


Today, Mike is focus on developing new riders to the sport through training and coaching as you will here.


This such a long story there is a lot to cover but the highlight for Mike was the visit to Europe by the Aprilia factory as a thank you for his efforts in hosting world rounds. This included competition and a visit to the factory.


This interview was requested by our listeners so if you like us to interview any people in particular please reach out via email to:


I hope you enjoy this chat with Mike Komer.










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