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Ep 58: Brent Le Riche - 15 times South African National Champion



This week we take a tour of trials from a South African point of view.


Brent le Riche is 15 times South African National Champion, but has ridden all over the world including Spain & the UK, the USA and even Australia.


Brent spent 2 years at the Trials Training Centre in Tennessee, where learnt the fine art of training trials riders. And also Brent runs a Trials show business at some of South Africa's premier sporting events, and has seen him demonstrate trials as far away as Pakistan.


We get the low down on the local scene in South Africa, and also some great tips from someone who has spent a bit training others.


Oh, and did I mention he's done the roof of Africa?


We hope you enjoy this chat with Brent Le Riche.


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