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Ep 65: Chris Bayles - A chat about all things Tassie and Trials



This week I am excited to have Chris Bayles on the podcast.


Chris has represented Australia at the TdN multiple times, has achieved #2 in the Australian championships, and has also done a SSDT.


This interview was ~6 months in the making, but in a twist of fate due to relaxing of COVID travel restrictions, I was personally able to go down and attend the Tassie Titles in March. Although this episode was recorded about 4 weeks ago, it was great to be able to conduct a face to face podcast episode rather than doing it all remotely.


It was also my first trip to Tassie and Chris and I were reflecting on the entirety of the clubs effort to put on a state titles event.


Chris is the president of the TMTC and this chat was also a much deserved opportunity to thank all the long serving volunteers that make our sport what it is.


Personally I would like to thank the Tassie community for making me so welcome. It was a two day event but I don't think I did a single lap without someone coming up to say hello, chatting about the podcast and making me feel  welcome. It's a great event, and something I would encourage all riders who get the chance to get along.


It was also a good opportunity to share some tips and tactics around running an event, which is something I've personally become involved in the last 6 months so I was curious to learning from people that have got a good handle on things.


I hope you enjoy this chat with one of Tassie's finest...Chris Bayles.







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