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Ep 66: Louise Forsley - the best of both worlds



This episode I am excited to have Louise Forsley on the podcast.


Louise is 6 time NATC Trials Champion, has represented her country at the TdN multiple times and is a an X-Games silver medalist.


What makes this chat interesting is that Louise has had multiple absences from trials and we reflect on some of the reasons behind that.


If you go back and listen to episode 46 with Karl Davis Junior, we talked extensively about the Stunt riding at the Marvel Universe live tour. Louise was also on that tour with Karl and did it for about 5 years.


We talk a bit about burn-out and losing the passion; we dabble in a little sports phycology and go on to discuss pivot to the enduro bikes and how her new contract with Sherco FactoryOne is allowing her to balance the best of both worlds as she competes across both enduro and trials disciplines.


I hope you enjoy this chat with the Louise Forsley.








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