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Ep 69: Jason Finn - The Trick Wizard

7th May, 2021 | David Grice

Ep 69: Jason Finn - The Trick Wizard



This episode I am excited to have Jason Finn on the podcast.


Jason maybe known to our UK listeners from his years of trials stunt shows that saw him travel the UK and even all the way to Australia as part of the Top Gear live series.


Jason has been requested by a number of our listeners as well as a number of our guests. Jason got a few mentions on the episode we did with Robert Crawford, back on episode 60.


As you hear in this interview Jason didn't start trials until relatively late, coming from a freestlye BMX background.


He is a multiple world record holder, including the longest bunny hop. He was one of the first to introduce back wheel hopping on a trials bike, which is now not just a trick, but a skills the top riders in the world now have mastered to add it to their toolkit when competing.


As you will hear, Jason says that he fluked his career in trials by simply being one of the first to bring freestyle trials shows into the mainstream. I do however get the impression that there takes a large degree of drive and passion to do anything as successfully as Jason has and so as humble as he is, there is still hours of hard work that went in behind the scenes was not discussed.


I hope you enjoy my chat with Jason Finn.







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