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Ep 70: Stephen Fracy – 3 times Canadian National Champion



This episode I am excited to have Stephen Fracy on the podcast.


Stephen is a very active member in the Canadian trials scene, and in this conversation we discuss his history with the sport, including his 3 Canadian championships.


Stephen tells the amazing story of how he and his friend Stan, after only meeting once, conspired to undertake a massive road trip across the country to attempt the Canadian National championship. From that, they forged a long term partnership to make attacks on the Canadian and USA championships in the subsequent years


Stephen has also spent time as a team mate of Bernie Schreiber when we was recruited to ride alongside Bernie for the USA Montessa team.


You get a sense of how Stephen threw everything he had into his pursuits, by working all winter to save and then road-tripping across North America to pursue his passion of trials.


He's gone on to represent his country in Canada's first TdN Team, ridden in a few world rounds, and even has done a Scottish Six Day.


Today, Stephen gets to ride in one of the most blessed parts of the world for Trials Riders, and we discuss how he is now supporting the sport in an administration capacity with his role at the CMA, NATC and FIM North America.


I hope you enjoy my chat with Stephen Fracy.









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