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Ep 72: Brad Baumert - The chief enthusiast officer - Part 2



This is part 2 of my chat with Brad Baumert. If you haven't listened to Episode 71, please go back and give it a listen.

Brad appears to be a crowd favourite amongst our audience and I've had great feedback and a lot of enthusiasm from our audience.


To recap it all, this is the amazing story of how a passion in sport can drive you into business. With a bit of tongue in cheek, it is also somewhat a cautionary tale of not knowing when to quit. In all seriousness though, Brad Baumert has been a driving force (literally & figuratively) behind trials in the USA for a number of years. We hear about the origins of RYP (Ryan Young Products) which from humble beginnings became a quite serious business.


However success is measured in more than money, and the way previous guests have spoken about Brad tells you all you need to know about the calibre of the man and the impression he has left on so many.


Brad and Ryan through RYP made Sherco the envy of other manufacturers with the professionalism and market penetration in the US, illustrated by the fact that at a point in time, every rider in the USA pro class was on a Sherco!


Brad was instrumental in establishing training camps for youth riders that continue on to this day; he was a mechanic  at the pits supporting his riders for years and years and bus driver shuttling his team across the country. Between all this, RYP wasn't the only company he had to run and he still had a family.


He was also proud of his riders achievements and reflects on the sporting success of team RYP; and the circular loop that appears to have begun with his former participants now leading the teen training camp.


It wasn't always smooth sailing...there were false starts in 05 with Sherco's enduro bikes, the closing of the Scorpa factory in 07 shortly after becoming the importers, there were sporting challenges, and the Global Financial Crisis which caused them to consider just winding up the business altogether.


Brad is so humble and was keen to make sure he reflected on all the others that helped him along the way. Now that he has left his involvement with RYP, Brad continues to give back with his work on the board of the AMA.


Even if Brad efforts were US focused, the sport of trials globally is better for his efforts by showing us what is possible.


I hope you enjoy par 2 of this chat with Brad Baumert.


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