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Ep 76: Jake Miller has gone too far - Part 1

25th Jun, 2021 | David Grice

Ep 76: Jake Miller has gone too far - Part 1



Jake Miller is like no other in the trials family. He has done it all: He's ridden, he's minded, been a mechanic, he run events, he's promoted the sport, he's even been the promoter of TrialGP series.


Jake has a very unique perspective given this diversity which made for a really meaningful conversation about his background and his involvement in running the sport.


Jake takes us through the work he continues to do promoting Dougie Lampkin and then the associated work in conjunction with Red Bull including the Deansgate trial in Manchester and then the Wheelie Project where he played a significant role in the Dougie Lampkin wheelie around the Isle of Mann TT course.


Jake is clearly not the one to shy away from a challenge however when you take on large, ambitious projects there can be some bumps along the way. Jake takes us through the divisive decision to introduce Qualifying at TrialGP, and the drivers behind it, which caused the riders to protest. We also hear about famers holding organisers to ransom, and why buying the local constabulary can pay unexpected dividends.


There we a lot to get through so I've split this into two parts. First up in part 1 we discuss Jakes riding background, the formation of his promotion company G2F media, his work early work with the FIM to run British rounds of the TrialGP.


In part 2 next episode, we go into Jakes work with Sport7 that ran the TrialGP promotion and reflect on the importance for everyone involved with trials to support it's promotion.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Jake Miller.


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