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Ep 79: Gael Chatagno - Living the electric dream



Gael Chatagno is the current leader in the Trial E class at the world trials championship. This is on the back of an amazing tussle with Albert Cabestany last year winning, to his surprise, the first two rounds and coming 2nd overall in the championship.


We also discuss his journey getting there including his start in the sport, and his promising early results which got him into the French Youth Federation.


Gael rode in the Trial 2 class before moving to the Trial E Class, and so we discuss the competitiveness of the current Trial 2 class and what is has been like with the transition from Petrol to Electric bikes.


People considering electric bikes are often curious so we've done our best to myth bust and ask as many questions as we could. We even hear about EM's plans for a rider to do the SSDT.


We also get a sense of the rigor required to be a modern trials rider, ensuring there is a balance of physical fitness off the bike, bike prep as well as the obligatory training time on the bike.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Gael Chatagno.


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