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Ep 82: Mike Rapley - Some things have changed in 58 years


Mike Rapley has been a servant of our sport even before he was a rider; observing trials as a young lad before making the progression to his first trial in 1963. Since then, Mike has always been on either two or three wheels.


Mike is probably well known to our UK audience, but for the rest he's been a long time servant of his club helping run local & national events. He's spent years as a journalist, most notably working for Trials & Motocross News in the UK which afforded him the opportunity to be regularly working in the sport he was most passionate about. He spent some time riding Sidecars and Enduros but he has come back to the sport of trials and is still regularly competing to this day.


Despite the years, he remains as passionate about the sport as his first day. Mike's unique perspective also gives us an angle to reflect on the changes over the years. It was a long one, so I've decided to split it across two episodes.


I hope you enjoy Part 1 of my chat with Rapers!


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