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Ep 85: Wiltz Wagner - When stars align (Part 2)


Today we are continuing our conversation with a man who has left an indelible mark on the sport of trials. Wiltz Wagner has been involved in the sport of trials since the 60's. Even before there were dedicated trials bikes.


If you haven't listened yet to Ep 84, I urge you in the strongest of terms to go back to Part 1 of this conversation to get a sense of Wiltz character and accomplishments.


In part 1 we discussed Wiltz's background in the formation of the Rocky Mountain Trials Association, The Ute Cup and the North American Trials Council, what his definition of a spark plug was and how a fractured relationship between the FIM & AMA was put on a path to resolution.


In this equally raw and straight talking episode we discuss Wiltz's riding background, his attitudes around 'Purple' which will make sense when you listen. Because of Wiltz's humility we hear how Wiltz turned down sportsman of the year awards, has been reluctant to give interviews throughout his career.


However I do press him on his AMA hall of fame and we discuss why he felt it was the right time, and that it would be his spiritual home that allowed him to accept it. AMA hall of fame is a rare honour for trials riders; let alone people who had more significant influence outside their riding pursuits.


It's meeting people such as Wiltz that make doing these podcasts all worth it. To have the absolute pleasure of interview such an influential member of our sport was a real honour.


Ladies and Gentleman, I give to a rare glimpse of purple and Part 2 of my 2 part conversation with Wiltz Wagner.


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