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Ep 86: Colin Bullock - The man behind the camera


This podcast isn't just about the riders. Today we are chatting to Colin Bullock who is literally the man behind the camera. Colin has been around trials for decades, but most of it been behind camera. In this interview we try to understand why and where his passion for trials came about.


We discuss his respect and admiration for the riders who make it all looks so effortless but why he prefers being behind the camera. We also explore how he got started in photography, then later videography and discuss his highlights including Training DVDs,  SSDT footage, and even his early days photography Barry Sheene at Mallory Park.


We find out what makes a good trials photograph and over on the Trials Australia Facebook Community are a sample of Colin's personal favourites photos for your to browse. Also we switch up our usual questions and take a more photography specific approach.


Ladies and gentleman I present to you my chat with Colin Bullock.


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