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Ep 87: Katy Sunter - Goals, Grit & Determination


Today we chat with on the UK top female riders: Katy Sunter. Katy has amassed an impressive trials career which includes


  • 15 Scott Trials
  • 13 SSDT appearances
  • 2 x TdN representation (2nd Place in 2003)
  • British Trial Championships competitor between 2002 - 2016  and twice 3rd in the championship
  • World Trial Championships between 2006-2016
  • European Championships


We discuss Katy's impressive career and how she stays motivated to keep riding  even after all those accomplishments.


We discuss her background in the sport and how despite growing up in a trials family and even lived on the Scott Trial course, it wasn't until she saw females in competition did she decided trials was something she wanted to pursue.


And there has been no stopping her since.


Katy opens up about how maturity has allowed her to reflect on things differently, including how much pressure she put on herself as a younger rider, and as how she's enjoyed riding so much more after realising this.


We also discuss Katy's love affair with the Scott trial and how it holds a special place for her & her entire family.


And of course those impressive 13 SSDT.


We go on to discuss female participation in trials and how that compares to Mountain Biking which Katy is also partial to.


This was a real treat. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you my chat with Katy Sunter.


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