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Ep 90: Josh Roper - Along for the ride!

1st Oct, 2021 | David Grice

Ep 90: Josh Roper - Along for the ride!


Josh Roper is having a breakout season. Josh is riding the Pro Class in the US NATC Championship and currently sitting 2nd overall with one round to go this weekend. He won the California Trials Invitational earlier this year and he's just back from the USA TdN team who were agonisingly close to a podium, and also rode the world rounds preceding the TdN event in the Trial 2 class.


None of this should be a surprise. Josh is from Trials Royalty in the USA, starting with his Dad Todd who rode the Pro class in the 80's and his brother Bryan who finished a high of 2nd place in 2013. We interviewed his Dad Todd about 1 year ago on episode 43.In addition to this we hear how current pro riders like Daniel Blanc-Gonnet have taken him under their wing when he was riding the Expert class and helped him build up to the rider he is now.


We also discuss his progress through the ranks, #vanlife and how he has been spending his summer, and what his routine looks like. We also discuss ambitions for Europe and how the USA 'pay it forward' approach to rider development is now seeing Josh run schools for juniors where he can.


It was a real treat to chat with Josh and I'd like to thank him for making time to do this podcast.


Ladies and gentleman, I give you my chat with Josh Roper.


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