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Ep 93: Major Sandy Mack (MBE) - SACU Chair and Army Trials Team

Today I have the absolute privilege of chatting with Major Sandy Mack MBE. Sandy has been into the sport of trials for ages, but is most well done for his extensive work on the Scottish ACU which he is now currently chair of. We also discuss his extensive background with the Army Trials Team and the work the Army does to help support the SSDT via refuelling stops.


It was a really interesting chat that kind of left me wondering how the SSDT would run if it weren't for the Army's involvement, and you also see the benefits for the Army in terms of treating it as a training exercise. It feels like a really symbiotic relationship.


Sandy himself has done the SSDT 18 times as a rider but is now more focused on administration of the sport than participation.


As the Chair of the Scottish ACU he has a unique perspective to talk about trials in comparison to other disciplines, and how sport development is going. We discuss the healthy levels of trials participation at Scottish club trials and national events.


We also hear how Mrs Mack, or mother, looks after the riders as part of the annual SSDT preparation and training.


I can tell you I am really glad to have now spoken to someone so dedicated and passionate about the sport of trials.


Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my chat with Major Sandy Mack MBE.


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