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Ep 95: Robin Luscombe - 16 times UK sidecar champ and the future of classic trials


Today we are chatting with Robin Luscombe. Robin is well know in UK club trials, particularly in Sidecars as he has been the 16 times British sidecar champion.


We hear about how Robin got into the sport, and those early influences that got him into sidecars but more importantly the groundswell of other riders that made trials sidecars less obscure and more of a regular occurrence at trials events. We discuss the challenges of forming new partnerships and his brief foray of solo riding and the SSDT during a period of times that was otherwise dominated by sidecar events.


We discuss the FIM Coupe, the trips abroad including all the way to Australia but ultimately the reasons why he gave up sidecars after so many years.


I was quite surprised to learn from Robin just how popular his current pursuit of classic trials is. They are getting 400+ riders to some of the classic multi-day trials in France and Spain and there is even high profile expert solo riders who are even dragging out the twin shock for these events.


Robin even pressed me on the reasons behind starting this podcast, which I know some of you have been curious about.


This was a real treats to chat with someone who was so passionate and determined in the sport of trials.


Ladies & gentlemen, I give you my chat with Robin Luscombe.


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