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Exciting New Championship and Competition Trial Classes for 2019

Trial in Australia will have an all new Championships structure from 2019, with new competition classes that cater to the levels of riders. Motorcycling Australia will release the new rules in full on December 12th, but here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening.


Firstly, there will now be championship classes based on course difficultly, not just the previous outright or open solo concept, which means riders of all levels will no longer miss out on riding for a championship in their normal riding level, or be forced out of their normal class to compete for a championship.

In support of the new championships structure, the second big change is that the names of the competition classes will update to create a simple class structure that formalises these new championships.

Trial 1 replaces Expert or Open solo, and will run with green nameplates, for the Trial 1 championship.

Trial 2 replaces A grade, using red nameplates, and will be a championship for all riders interested in competing for a championship on the red lines.

Trial 3 replaces B grade, using yellow nameplates, and will also be a championship open to all riders interested in competing for a championship on the yellow lines.

Trial 4 replaces C grade, using blue nameplates, and will again be a championship for all riders interested in competing for a championship on the blue lines.

Trial 5 will replace Clubman, using white nameplates. This will not be a championship class, but remain open to any rider wishing to ride in competition at the entry level.

A rider can now choose to ride classes that suit their preferred level of ability, and can move up and down the classes freely to find the level that suits their participation in Trial.

Masters will be a championship class, on a trial basis for at least two years, competing over the Trial 3 lines with Yellow nameplates. If the class is supported by the riders in events it will retain championship status. If it is not supported it will return to being a competition class not a championship.

Junior 12 to Under 16 will continue as a championship and retain the 125cc capacity handicap for championships in 2019, competing over the Trial 4 level course with blue nameplates. Riders under 16 are free to ride a machine over 125cc in any competition; however they will not be eligible for the junior class awards. They may ride the Trial 4 sections, or any other line. Junior riders are free to move between junior and senior classes in trial, to suit their participation in Trial.

The full details of these and other smaller changes are in the 2019 Manual of Motorcycle Sport, which will be available in just over a weeks’ time at the MA website.

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