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Gael Chatagno Trial E-Cup Victory for Electric Motion

EM rider, Gael Chatagno has achieved an amazing performance to win both days of the World Championship event at Isola, France against the formidable Spaniard, Albert Cabestany (GasGas TTXE), the winner of the previous 2 x Trial-E Championships. The margin between Gael and 'Cabes' was very close on both days with the section severity increased for Day 2 at the picturesque alpine venue. This event was the first FIM Championship event in this Covid reality that we have, all the riders and participants wearing face masks where appropriate.

Gael also piloted his E Pure to victory in the S1 class (against petrol bike riders) of the French Championships the previous weekend in Auron. The electric revolution continues...

 While Yamaha have had thier battery powered Trials bike out in competition in recent years, they are still working on the customer ready bikes with acceptable autonomy. Honda, TRS and others are rumored to have electric adult Trial bike prototypes in testing. Exciting times ahead for new developments in the E Trials sphere.

Richard Kent




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