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GoFundMe campaign setup to support Team Australia Trial des Nations 2022 Monza Italy

Team Australia have setup a GoFundMe campaign to help crowdsource the gap in costs between Motorcycling Australia funding and the real cost to send our Aussie team to compete on the international stage.

Target $10K

Since 2015, Motorcycling Australia has not been in a position to continue being the major funder of the Australian Trial des Nations team. The team costs about 50 thousand dollars with around a 3k contribution on top of that from each rider, minder and manager under normal funding conditions. So for Australia to send a full-strength team of 10 as per usual, we need six riders plus four minders and a manager to all front around 8 thousand dollars which, unfortunately, is unaffordable for the majority of the candidates.

We have built great success over the last decade with our team results and riders' capabilities, really starting to take it to the Europeans with a men’s podium in 2015 and winning our division in 2017, Our last trip to compete at the TdN was in 2019 Ibiza Spain, and with the TdN cancelled in 2020 and not being able to travel in 2021. We missed last year's event

Team Australia is looking forward to this year's event in Monza Italy.

So this is why we are asking for Australia’s support.

Let’s make this clear, any rider who applies this year will need to pay more than usual; we are thinking an extra 2.5k, a total of around 5k roughly for each rider, so we aren’t asking for a free trip for our team members, we are asking for the support to make the trip possible. We will be receiving a contribution from Motorcycling Australia of around $12000.

So if you can help in any way, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Whittle

Australian TdN Team Manager 2022

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