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In just one year...Aussie Titles 2020 returns to Sydney at Pacific Park

In just 365 days, the Australian Trial Championships will return to NSW at Pacific Park Waterski and Motorbike park over two great days on 29-30th August 2020, hosted by the Pacific Park Trials Club with the support of the combined Trial clubs of NSW. (date provisional, subject to MA approval)

Thanks to the generous support of landowners and operators the Marchant family, Pacific Park offers world class Trial facilities within an hours drive of Australia's largest city. On-site camping is available in the week leading up to the trial, and the venue features proper amenities, hot water showers, and unlimited riding possibilities. For anyone considering riding their first Aussie Titles, Pacific Park is the perfect place to experience what the Trial is all about. See for venue details.

Event co-ordinator Simon Ford leads a group of volunteers who will seek to make the 2020 championships one of the best ever, and will be taking on a mix of new ideas and well proven practices in the aim of delivering a quality event. Expect to see regular updates throughout the coming year in the lead up to the event.

To kick off the new ideas, the search begins now for an event logo, hopefully created by a young graphic artist or creative, that will feature on all event promotions for the next year. The guidelines are simple, something in sporting colours of NSW blue and white, like the image used in the post, but it should also feature the NSW shape in some way. Expect to see it on posters, T-shirts, and everywhere in the Australian Motorcycle scene. Send your ideas to, the new logo will be selected in the coming months and then seen everywhere by the Christmas season.

Observers are a key part of all Trials, and we will be aiming to create a good experience for all those who can give their time and efforts to make the event happen.

There will be no other Open Trial events in NSW in the weekend leading up to the Trial, so as not to create more work than is necessary for a group of event volunteers that come from across the entire state of NSW, not just the Sydney region.

For anyone with Questions, one year out, contact Simon Ford on 0414 786 201



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