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Johnno's Photos from the 2022 NSW Twinshock Trials Championships

Trials Photographer Ian "Johnno" Johnson has taken some sensational photos from the NSW Twinshock Trials Championships on the 12th-13th June.

View photos from Day 1 (68 photos)

View photos from Day 2 (105 photos)

He's also done a write up from the days — Give his Johnno's Trials page a like if you appreciate the time and quality he's put into these photos.

Day 1:

Sunday June 12 was the first day of the NSW Twinshock Trials Championships, held on the Cowan property just west of Sandy Hollow.
The trial was a gathering of those who just love riding trials. Along with the twinshock bikes, modern monoshock bikes were also put through their paces, although for no award.
Competitors came from Wollongong, Sydney, Gulgong, Tamworth and Newcastle. Trevor Bennett drove up from Canberra and marked sections over the two days. David Lahey drove down from Gladstone, picking up Greg Harding and Donna from Coffs Harbour on the way. 
Great to see Peter Paice at the trial, up there to pick up his TY360, a special bike, beautifully restored by David Lahey. Peter stayed for most of the day and was enjoying himself, soaking up the action and talking trials with whoever rode by.
Some of the old bikes were very impressive indeed as were the skills of their riders. 
The sections were fun, but a fraction harder than the usual Denman club trial sections. Judging by the smiles though, everyone had a top day.

Day 2:

With another chilly start to the day, the fire was a popular meeting point. The world’s problems were solved and that old chestnut, use of the clutch on a twinshock, got a good light-hearted go as well.
Five new sections were set for Monday and four laps made it comfortable for everyone to finish early. Watching from the sidelines, it was interesting to see the difference a small change in lines could make.
At the pressos, only twinshock riders received trophies and the close scores in B Grade were a highlight. Countbacks separated Bailey and Gary for first and second and countbacks separated Greg and Andy for third and fourth.
David Lahey won C Grade on his special TY250 and Owen Sandell-Hay scooped second place on his TY175.
Mark Collins, new to Denman trials this year rode his TLR200 to first place in the clubman class. Hiroshi had a ball as he rode his postie bike into second place. Newcomer, Mark Crosdale earnt third place on his TY250B. Unfortunately, I missed getting the results for A Grade and C Grade.
By the comments I got from riders, spectators and in phone calls this week, this trial was a huge success.
Congratulations to the organisers for another fun trial. Many thanks also to the helpers in the food tent and to the observers on the sections.

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