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This years QLD Junior Development Training proved inspiring for every level of rider who attended. The expert and valued advice, guidance and demonstrations by Kyle Middleton, Chris Bayles and Matt Broderick saw all levels of rider improve over the weekend not just in skill but enthusiasm as each instructor shared their passion.

Held on the RobJoy property, adjacent to Maroon Dam the weekend was organised by the QLD Trials Sub-Committee with special effort given by Justin Gough and members of Revolution trials Team. Partly funded by a Junior Development Grant applied for by the QLD trials subcommittee with assistance from The ladies in the M.Q office , the weekend provided group trainings that were rotated amongst the instructors so all riders had the opportunity meet and learn various skills.

It was fantastic to see 10 x Australian women’s trials and all round champion herself Kristie McKinnon coming along to share her experience and take part in the weekends training, I’m not sure if these guys realise just how much impact their presence has on our Junior riders ,  what massive improvement riders showed over the weekend. Our young guns were blessed to have the confidence boost provided by Matt Broderick catching for them with all saying they would try anything if Big Matty is minding!

Sub Committee members were well pleased with the response and participation of the QLD based trials community. There is no doubt that the weekend was focused on the juniors and they responded with some amazing riding and quickly grasped the advanced skills on offer. Those new riders to our sport learnt the basics and gained a more in depth understanding of what trials is about and what a trials bike is capable of.

There are many people to thank from land owners, officials, cooks, grocery getters, sausage sizzlers and those that cheered and clapped. It was very special to have Australia’s best on show and see how approachable these people are and witness their genuine desire to increase the skill level of ALL riders throughout the country. On behalf of the QLD riders we would sincerely like to Thank Matt Broderick, Chris Bayles and Kyle Middleton for making the effort to come up and show us their skills and pass on their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

Special Thanks must go to Steve Spencer from Spencerphoto for capturing the weekend. Check out the link below to see his work.

Queensland is blessed to have a talented group of riders in development and twice the number behind them. We’re sure with continued support from QLD’s trials community and promotion the sport will thrive.  


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