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Leonelli Lanyard Kill Switches

6th Dec, 2013 | Paul Arnott

It's now mandatory for all bikes to be fitted with a Lanyard type kill switch for all competition in 2014.

As stated in the front page article on TA 6th December, 2013:

An inclusion in the 2014 MoMS will see cut-out lanyards mandatory for all bikes ridden in competition in 2014.

"All machines must be fitted with an effective ignition cut-out switch operating on the primary circuit secured to the handlebars and attached by a lanyard to the rider while the machine is in operation such that a separation of the machine and rider will activate the ignition cut-out circuit."

These Leonelli kill switches are the type used by the vast majority of Factory Team riders. It offers an elasticised lanyard with an easily adjusted slip ring for tightening around the wrist. The lanyard is attached to a magnetic button. A very simple and effective design that works in all situations.

We also have just the repacement lanyard and button available as well as the complete unit. 

These are a two wire kill switch that is a direct replacement for your current Kill Button. Supplied with "bullet" type connectors. (some bikes may need the connectors swapped for "eye" or "spade".

Available direct from The Hell Team Trials Store. Ships same day. LINK




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