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LMTC Interclub at "The Overflow"

8th May, 2012 | Peter Gately

What a fantastic two days of trials held at “The Overflow” 6-7 May. A field of 90 entries made for a great role up and busy sections. We greatly appreciated the wonderful people who volunteered their time to observe for us over the two days.

The sections setters did a marvelous job of setting new and interesting sections some reminiscent of a snake trail which stretched the memory cells of some. Even though several sections were set up in the usual places the team had done a marvelous job of making completely different sections than the ones that are commonly used at the Overflow.

Boyd Willcocks was on form displaying great gravity defying feats taking out “A Grade” 70 points ahead of Richard Kent. Lachlan Gibson was showing some great form also to place third.

Russell Jamieson was the clear leader in “B Grade” leaving Isaac Luft and James Turner fighting over second and third place, Isaac finishing just 4 points in front of James.

With a large field of 15 entries in “C Grade their was a big range in riding talent with the scores ranging from 6 to 234 over the two days. Youth prevailed with young Bradley Bryant taking out first place 2 points ahead of Andrew Atkinson on 8 points. Derek Richards and Tom Wager tying on 11 points with Derek gaining the advantage by having the most cleans.

The opposite was true of Clubman with a large field of 18 entries the experience of the masters came to the for, Denys Reed winning over George Lewis by 5 points. The surprise card was Jay Murry, new to trials with only a few trials events completed he was only 10 points behind George on 21. (His riding companions were heard to say their work is done and no more advice will be given LOL)

With a full field in Twin Shock the air was full of piston noise from the TY contingent but it was Kevin Gloss on a Honda that took out the honors. Followed by Graham Weis on his Bultaco and Shane Barnes showing that age of the bike does not make a difference placing 3rd on his Triumph Tiger Cub.

Of the Veteran Classes Greg Harding placed first in the 40-49 class on 10 points. Showing that age is only a number Tony Bax blitzed the field on a total of 3 point for the weekend. Michael Frith was obviously having a off weekend but still managed first place with 60 points (What do you mean he was the only one in the class?).

Air cooled Mono Shock received 3 entries with Jordy Gloss finishing 39 points ahead of Garry Underwood.

Dan Gallagher had his trusty old bike out making the bush resonate with the sweet 4 stroke sound of his Triumph taking fist place as the only entry on a very good score of 34 for the weekend.

Junior Women had three entries with Whitney Lift riding C grade line taking first place and Sarah Chivers finishing 43 pints ahead of Nicole Casey.

Jessica event though in the class by herself still rode with her sister and I am sure has pointed out to Sarah that she finished 6 points ahead of her on 120 points.

Chad Gloss held out Zac Reed by 3 points riding his much loved TY175 showing that talent trumps bike every time.

Jake Connley took out Introductory

Jack Turner was very please with himself when he found out that he had placed 5 points ahead of Taegan Gloss.

Braeden Curtis was also showing good form over the weekend on his trusty Beta 80 placing 1st on 114 points.

Joe Luft also gave us an insight into what we had missed out on at Stanthorpe and the club will be making a new date for that property as the issues that occurred preventing us from going there have all been sorted.

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