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All Trials riders dream of riding the Scottish 6 day someday... Best we can do here in Queensland is at this classic venue for LRMTC near the weekend road motorcycling hub of Canungra. The section setting team devised a couple of very long creek and gully sections, similar in nature to hazards encountered in the Scottish Highlands, helped by a thorough cleaning of the said creeks in recent flood event.

It was great to see the many new young riders of 2017 really showing some determination in their riding. The sections were well suited to all grades, looking at the scores the bulk of the riders from Red line to White line were dropping an average of 1 to 2 points per section. The most impressive performance was from Joel Nelson, winning the Red line on his first competition in A-grade or Red line as we call it. Joel has a back ground of riding junior motorbike Trials combined with a an excellent riding career in bicycle Trials. In three years of riding the moto again he has won this event with 9 of the usual suspects in attendance.

This event was from the great work of all Logan River club members, thanks to all for sharing the great day out at 'Hinchys'.Looking forward to the next Trial, where ever it is.

Richard Kent, elpresidente


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