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Logan River Young Rider Profile- Jake Long

15th Aug, 2019 | Caldera Moto

Logan River Young Rider Profile- Jake Long

Jake Long was introduced to the sport of Trial by neighbour Darren Cresswell of Logan Club around 3 x years ago. Jake has allready achieved great discipline through his martial arts training and has developed his skills on his Beta Evo 125 to easily ride the yellow line in local Trials along with his mates Billy Gough and Liam Allen. I look forward to Jake and his cohorts beating me on the red line some day soon... 

Jake's dad Nigel has set up some good technical areas with culverts and pipes for him to practice extensions and all the various techniques we use. With "Arm Pump Creek" (named by Darren) next to the Long family home, Jake has the opportunity to work towards a very high level of riding.

Name/ DOB- Jake Long,  28 January 2005

When did you first ride motorbikes? - 2 x years of age

What was your first machine? - Yamaha PW 50

What is your current Steed? - Beta Evo 125

Where was your first Trials event? - Kyogle SQTA event, 2017

What are your other hobbies and interests? - Rugby, MTB riding, Motocross

Who are your favourite 3 x riders? - Toni Bou, Jaime Busto, Jeroni Fajardo

What are your goals for your Trials riding? - To represent Australia in International competition

By Richard Kent 


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