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Logan River Young Rider Profile- Liam Alford

15th Jun, 2019 | Caldera Moto

Logan River Young Rider Profile- Liam Alford


Liam's profile is the first in a series to appear here on Trials Australia. Our club is blessed to have a growing number of Junior riders enjoying the sport of Trial and I woukd like to introduce you to them.

Liam and his dad, Burke usually circulate the Trials events together, with Burke on the Yellow line and Liam riding the mini bike line. For all competing Trials parents, it is quite a busy day riding themselves and minding for the young pilot. 

Name- Liam Alford

When did you first start riding ?-  2 x years old

First bike- OSET 12.5

Current bike- OSET 20 racing

First Trials Event- Western Districts Trials Club, Feb 2016 and it was 46 degrees.

What are your hobbies/ interests other than Trials ?- fishing, camping, scouts, running

Who are your favourite 3 x Trials riders ?- Dad, Grumpy (is that Peter A?), Mitch Teale

What are your goals with your Trials riding ?- To beat Mitch


By Richard Kent



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