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Logan River Young Rider Profile- The Herrmann Brothers

The Herrmann family have enjoyed furthering their Trials journey with us at Logan River Club in recent years. Originally from South Africa, parents Shaylene and Arthur introduced Matthew, Luke and Jamie to the sport when they were young lads on thier electric OSET's. The boys have all continued to improve thier riding skills and demonstrate good sportsmanship when at Trials days out.

Jean and Andrew McDonald-Smith posed some good questions to the Herrmann's for this interview with the brothers. Mum, Shaylene helping with the answers.

Q1. What is the family's Trials history? When did Arthur start, did anyone in his family ride Trials?

Arthur grew up riding on his parent's farm and started riding Enduro's when he was 17. He started riding Trials when he was about 30 as he had friends that used to ride. He won his club championship in C grade in 2004 in SA.

How old were each of the boys when they started Trials?

We bought Matthew an OSET 16 when he turned 5 and he refused to ride it. Luckily we had an OSET club in South Africa that held training days and mini competitions, Matthew started riding these events when he was 7, for about 2 x years before moving to Australia. He started riding again with LRMTC in 2018 on his Gas Gas, he is now 15. 

Luke started riding when he was 2 on 12.5 OSET. He gave his coach a scare when he started, as he would only use the throttle when riding, forgetting that he also had brakes. He also stopped riding for 4 x years until he joined LRMTC in 2018, Luke is now 11 years old.

Jamie started his ridng with LRMTC in 2018, he has just turned 10 years old. (Luckily the father Arthur is a mechanic so the boys will in turn learn how to look after thier bikes...)

Q2. Why did you choose Trials over other motorcycle sports?

Trials is more sociable and we have found the club members more relaxed both in South Africa and Australia.

Q3. Do each of the boys have a favourite rider/mentor?

Luke- favourite is Jaime Busto and Richard Kent because he is light on his feet.

Jamie- favourite is Toni Bou.

Matthew- favourite is Jeroni Fajardo and Jason Cunliffe as he has been giving me tips on how to improve in B grade.

Q4. What do each of the boys like about Trials training days?

Luke- you get the opportunity to try new things and improve.

Jamie- I like learning new skills.

Matthew- being talked into attempting harder obstacles (by Jason), no seriously the opportunity to try things without being scored.

Q5. What advice would you give to new Trials riders?

Luke- don't give up and be patient.

Jamie- practice body positioning.

Matthew- always be willing to try something beyond your ability and dont hesitate to ask others for advice. Don't compare yourself to others, focus on your own improvement.

Q6. What life skills are your boys gaining from being involved?

They are learning that they need to persevere to succeed and that success does not come without effort- what they put in is what they get out. They are learning valuable social skills interacting with other club members both young and old.

Q7. What aspects of the sport, as parents do you both enjoy?

The more experienced riders willingly offer advice and guidance and look out for our boys. It reminds us of the saying that it takes a villiage to raise a child.

Q8. What would be your advice to other parents who are considering moto trials.

Start the little kids on the correct size electric bike. Don't rush them or push them too hard, if they want to improve they will do it and if they don't,  just have fun and enjoy your time together.

by Richard (light foot) Kent, interview by team McDonald-Smith., feature image by Steve Spencer 








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