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LRMTC 6th Round of Club Championship results

27th Sep, 2010 | Roger Galpin


A small entry of enthusiastic riders enjoyed a challenging 4 laps of 12 sections at the Curtis property yesterday.   While the sections were being set the day before some youngsters were accumulating some coaching hours under the watchful eyes of Coach John Spence with Andrew Stacey and Owen Norton in support, many thanks to the guys for providing the training.

Due to school holidays many of our usual combatants were absent leaving the Club Championship points for the rest to take advantage of.

B grade was the top grade of the day and Josh Lewis, 10 marks lost, continued his great form beating Aki Nagao 43 & Stewart Platt 137 into 2nd & 3rd places respectively.

James Turner 13, easily won C grade ahead of Adina Reed 71 who wasn't too keen on some of the massive logs C grade had to cross.

With all the youngsters away the oldies were left to clean up the lower grades with Dennis Reed 13, scraping home by one mark from Bruce Curtis 14, Paul Walsh 20, Tony Christie 25 and Robert Morgan 27 in Clubman.

Lone Classic Roger Galpin 8, winning Pre 65, prompted Dennis to vow to buy a "bloody old Triumph" in a desperate attempt to improve his results,,,,, its the square barrel that does it Den !!!!!.

Adam King 13 caught up some points on class leader George Lewis in Twinshock which will make the last round of the Club Championship at Sizmurs property Oct 17th very interesting.

Juniors Sam Turner 1 mark lost and Isaac Luft 2 showed the oldies how to ride the white lines with excellent rides and surely these two youngsters will be progressing up the grades in the next few seasons.

Many thanks to all those who assisted in making this event a success with special thanks to Robyn and Bruce for the use of the property.

See you all at Sizmur's on Oct 17th for the last LRMTC club trial of the season.

Rog G

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