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A fantastic day was had by all on Sunday with perfect weather at Sizmurs property with a good turn out of 40 riders on the day.

OPEN SOLO; Kale Reed placed first over Rick Kent by a large margin. We are looking forward to getting some great coaching from Kale at the clubs Coaching Day 28th of May, so book your self in now.

B GADE; Jordan Tricker held out James Turner by 7 points to win on the day over James Turner and Jim Reed

C GRADE; With 8 entries and 4 bringing home a score in the single digits we have a great battle of skill going on in this grade. Andrew Atkinson just held out Issac Luft both scoring 2 points with Andrew having 39 cleans over Isaacs 38 cleans. Sam Turner was right on their heals with a score of 3 points.

JUNIOR; Whitney Luft showed her heals to the boys again with a 13 point lead over Daniel Atkinson who placed second and 20 points ahead of Zac Reed placing third.

CLUBPERSON; Another strong field of 12 entries in this class with the top three riders bringing home single digit scores. Denys Reed on 1, Paul Walsh on 4 and Evan Hunter 7. Then Peter Gately on 10 and Bruce Curtis on 11. So some talent starting to show out in this class or was Bruce having a bad day.

VETERANS; Jeff Hill scored 19 over Joe Lufts 34 when you take out the handicap Jeff still held out Joe by 9 points.

TWINSHOCK; With 4 entries and a great difference in bike ages, Shane Barnes was triumphant on his trusty Triumph with a score of 6, holding out Darren Creswell on 13 Ross Cowdell and Gary Mears both on 49

MINI BIKE; Breaden Curtis was the only entry in this class but as you watch him his skills are improving at every event we see him ride.

INTRODUCTORY; Jake Turner placing first over Jade Reed and Julie Bowdery who rode Non Competitive.


Do not for get that the next event

Coaching day on Saturday 28th May

Closed Club Trial 29th May

Come and Try Day on the morning of the 29th May so tell you friends who have been showing signs of interest in your sport and give them the info. Remember they must book-in for the Come and try

A working bee will also be on Saturday 28th to set up the Club Trial so book in for the Coaching and help set up also



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