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LRMTC Come and Try and Closed Club Trial Results

30th May, 2011 | Peter Gately

A big thanks to the club members who loaned their bikes for the Come and Try morning. We received 26 booking with 15 riders participating; this included two seven year olds.

Some of the comments were they thought it would be easy and found out that it was rather difficult especially fitness wise and all the participants wanted us to pass on their sincere thanks for those who lent their bikes to allow them the opportunity to partake in such an experience. Most of the participants are now looking for a trials bike to purchase.

With perfect weather and a central location we had a great turn out of 46 riders for the event.

Open Solo:

Boyd Willcocks had it all to himself this round as Kale DNS and Grant ran Non Comp.

B Grade

Josh Lewis Blitzed the field (6) with an 8 point win over Aki who place second on 14 points. James Turner (15) held out Jordan Tricker (16) to place third.


C Grade

Issac Luft cleaned up with 5 points Andrew Atkinson placed second on 10 and Sam Turner finished third on 17.



With three entries all had a good chance of getting a place. Col Clarke came out of retirement finishing first on 29, Joe Luft placing second (35) and Jeff hill placing third on 42. All agreed that it was good to see Col back on a bike again.



Shane Barnes (20) continues to show that it is not what you ride but how you ride as he again pulled out an impressive first place over Ross Cowdell (32) on his Triumph. Brent Chivers placed third on 38 driving down from Gladstone with his wife and two girls Jessica and Sarah who are both getting into trials.



Andrew Trezise and Denys Reed both finished on 5 point with just one clean separating them. Peter Gately (19) placed third showing just what a day of coaching can do for your riding ability as it was his first score below 20 since starting trials some 20 months ago.



Whitney Luft was again showing the boys how to ride, taking first place on 14 points ahead of Zac Reed on 24. Daniel Atkinson finished third on 44.



Jack Turner finished first on 57 over Cameron Norton (103) who rode Non Comp.


Mini Bike

Braeden Curtis (44) may be the only one in this class but he still rides the same lines as the introductory field. You can see by his points that he would give them challenge.

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