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17th Aug, 2019 | via Gary Toft

The NSW Trials Championship for 2019 is being held next weekend (24th and 25th of August) at Pacific Park and we are still in need of observers. A huge thanks to the people who have offered to help out with the observing - a lot of them are riders who are giving up the opportunity to compete so it is greatly appreciated!

The plan is to have 12 sections for riders to tackle each day. To cover 12 sections we will need 24 observers each day (2 per section). So far we have 15 observers for Saturday and 15 for Sunday. If we are unable to reach the required 24 observers for each day then we will have to run less sections.

If you are not planning on riding on the weekend can you please consider helping out by observing. If you are planning on riding can you rope someone in to do the observing - it is ultimately for the benefit of the riders that we have observers so please see if there is someone in your family or a friend who can be an observer while you ride. Happy for people to help out for just one day (either Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th) or for both days.

You don't need to be a rider to be an observer, just the willingness to be involved. :) We can provide training and coaching if you haven't been an observer before or are unsure as to what is involved or if you just need a refresh.

This video on youtube provides a great introduction to observing and trials in general: Please let me know by email to if you or someone you know can be an observer. Keep those feet up!! Regards Gary Toft Pacific Park Trials Club.

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