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Motorcycling Victoria 2021 Trials Calendar *change of vic titles date*

*EDIT* Due to an oversight causing a clash with the SA calendar, we have decided to move the Victorian Trials Champsionships to August 21-22nd. We have also changed the date of the ravenswood run trial. We sincerly appologise for any inconvience this may have caused.


The Motorcycling Victoria Trials Committee is proud to present the 2021 trials calendar.

This calender provides an array of events including a 4 round VTS series, a number of RPA days and the Victorian Trials Champsionships at Sedgwick. The Pink Dates on the calendar signify the Victorian School Holidays.

Please note; An MV issued licence (senior, senior restricted, junior, annual recreational, 1-day competition or 1-day recreational) will be required to ride these events. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself (Chloe Whittle), Phil Whittle or Ian Stacey from the Ballarat Rovers.

We look forward to hopefully a smoother 2021 and seeing you all soon.




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