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MTCQ Easter 2 day /QLD CUP rd 2 results

Hi all attached is the results and a few pictures from the easter 2 Day.

We had around 70 riders turn out for this years event and the vast majority choosing to camp for the weekend made for a very social Easter.With the weather gods being kind to us we enjoyed very pleasent tempretures for both riding and camping over the long weekend.

Riders had mixed feelings about the big granite sections with some absolutely loving what was on offer and others found them perhaps a little too challenging.The Young Guns of QLDs had an absolute blast over the long weekend from the easter bunny to riding the trial, playing on their pushies, hide and seek and ofcourse the outdoor movie theater supplied by Rob Sinkovics, the final riding results were Attila Sinkovics first place in Mini from Mason Christoff in second. Mason Pugh taking the honours in the Junior class Ahead of Mitchell Teal and Harry Laun all competing on a tough T5 line. The T1 guys had a ball with the Frenchman Paul Mehu taking the top spot ahead of Brad Bryant and Joel Nelson. Rick Kent said he absolutely loved the T2 sections and thought the standard was spot on taking the win ahead of Jarrod Bowen. T3 was most certainly a tough weekend however our 2 junior T3 riders Billy Gough and Jake Long rose to the occasian taking first and second both on 125's ahead of the senior T3 field. T4 saw Ryan Farrell take the chocholates ahead of Greg Mclennan and Jeremy Laun. T5 finished in a 3 way tie With Barry Pugh ending up with third place after a count back then Dan Gollagher in second after a ride off with Paul Coleman eventually taking the win. T6 saw new commer Claire Newbolt having a challenging weekend and taking the win.In open women it was  Sarah Chivers showing fantastic grit and determination taking out the class riding very very tough T3 sections and Shania Shackwell placing second riding T5. In twinshock it was Greg harding with a convincing win over Andrew Carpenter and Jordan Gollagher riding the T4 lines then David Lahey and Graham Weiss on the T5 line. In the Vets class Tom Rafferty out classed his competitors with a tie for second place that saw Rowan Gibson eventually take second and Andrew Mcdonald-Smith third. Masters was a again a tough weekend that saw Justin Gough take the win ahead of Dean Hicks and Aki Nagao. Huge thanks must go to Cherie Pugh for her outstanding work forming the Moto Trials Observers Australia facebook page and securing us some travelling Observers who by all reports had a great time helping us out and we hope that this can only continue to grow and help us all as rider on a National level so please get behind this page and share it around. Also big thanks once again to Robert Leggatt for the use of his Property and the hard work he does to continue to develop his property for us. also to the working crew who put in so much to make the trial a success and lastly all those volenteers who pitched in to help out from officials to observers and the ladies and gentleman in the score tent and those who work behind the scenes also thanks to all those who turned up to enjoy it. With regards to the sections in some cases we may have overcooked them a little so for that I do apoligize.



See you all at LRMTC 's round 3 at Hinchcliffs.


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