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We know they’re out there!

We know you’ve got them!

We know you hide them away, in the dim, dark and dusty corners of your sheds!

The day of liberation is nearly upon us!

VIVA TY, Let the TY’s ride free, with their front wheels held high!


If you love your TY, or own a TY, and are looking for an opportunity to ride it?

Then this event is for you!

So drag them out, dust them off, adjust the waist belt on your nylons and ride em’.

When’s it on?           July 27th 2014 at MTCQ’s Undullah, Qld property.

This year’s event will continue to include awards for: “The Best Presented TY” and the usual novelty awards.

Again this year, “Show-n-Shine only” bikes will also be eligible for the Best Presented award, as well as those entered in the event for competition. 

And let’s not forget the crowning of the “TY Challenge Champion” for 2014, along with the presentation of the “TY Challenge Perpetual Trophy” 

Who’s got the guts to go for glory and take their TY to the next level!

It’s an inter-club event, so that mean’s one-event licenses and Rec License’s will be available, and interstate TY riders can enter just buy paying a nominal club membership fee, in addition to their entry fee.

All Yamaha TY’s are eligible, Twinshocks, Mono’s, TYZ’s      (Sorry Scorpa’s, your not real ty’s)

And as it’s not a round of the QMTS, you don’t need to worry about losing any points by having a bit of fun on the old TY.

Of course this event will also have all the usual SUPPORT GRADES for all the OTHER bikes!

And don’t forget, we’ll have our highly desirable, “Limited Edition” commemorative “TY Challenge” Tee shirts available on the day!

Entry forms and supp regs can be found by clicking on the “Events’ tab or the title line above.

For further info call: Don Rolands 07-55469292 or Robert Eyres 07-3272 8801


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