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MV Victorian Trials Series Points - Updated

EDIT; An error in the calculation of the T5 Class was found and has now been fixed. We apologise for any inconvienice!


The VTS 4 Round series has been run and won. Thank you to everyone who come along, supported, worked and participated, the numbers we have experienced have been the best we have seen in years!

In what was a incredibly close year and we have experienced a few ties amongst the place getters. The ruling on this is "The person who placed highest at the last round takes the higher position". Congratulations to our place getters!

But thats not it for MV trials this year. In August we have the Ravenswood Run Progressive Trial, A fun event aiming to get people more comfortable and confident with section setting. And of course we still have the MV Victorian Trials Titles at the glorious Sedgwick Property August 21st and 22nd!

Presentation for the VTS series will happen at an RPA ride day at Hokins Rd Ravenswood Spetember 19th!

We hope to see you at our upcomming events.




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