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National Trials Day Recap and towards 2019

30th Aug, 2018 | via Peter Arnold

Together we raised $9,462.50 for the 2018 Australian Trials des Nations Teams. A total of 272 riders and passengers participated in the 2018 National Trials Day. What a fantastic result for Australian Trials not only raising that amount of money but doing it by doing what we all enjoy. Phil Whittle, TdN Manager said "This was a great success as a fundraiser. I am in for running an event next year to help the team.".

On to 2019.

Take a look at your calendars for next year and get your clubs/states involved and organise a Trial on the first weekend of May, being the 4/5 May. Some clubs ran a 2 Day Trial, some ran coaching on the Saturday and a Trial on the Sunday and some ran a single day Trial. Tasmania even brought a bit of Scotland to their event.

Most states managed to get their LCB to donate or credit their fees for the 2018 National Trials Day and this again will be worth asking your LCB to help out. Coaching and Catering can also be a great way to raise funds, we all need to eat and some of us could certainly do with some coaching.

Get your club or state involved and help our 2019 Australian Trials des Nations Teams compete on the World Stage.

May 4th and 5th 2019 - National Trials Day.

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