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New models from Vertigo

21st Jul, 2019 | David Ryan

New models from Vertigo

Vertigo releases the Dougie Lampkin Replica to join the Vertical R models as Vertigo’s limited edition high end bikes.  Only 50 DL Replicas are been built for this year with a strictly limited number of Vertical R’s.

Both bikes feature the all new lightweight frame saving 800gm in weight over the standard frame.  They each feature a host of high end componentry – three way adjustable Reiger rear shock, gold Tech racing front forks, ultra lightweight red anodized billet machined triple clamps, S3 hard rock footpegs, S3 red anodized clutch and brake lever adjusters, carbon fibre engine case guards.  The clutch has been completely redesigned to give an even lighter more responsive and precise feeling.  The engine is fitted with a removeable 366gm flywheel weight to provide even smoother and more controllable power helping to optimise traction especially in slippery conditions.  A new radiator and fan designed to improve air flow and cooling whilst been more resistant to heavy impacts.

Dougie Lampkin has used his vast wealth of experience and development knowledge gained while winning 12 World Titles, 4 straight SSDT victories and back to back Scott Trial wins, to make this bike just as he prefers.  This is the most responsive, agile, smooth and refined Vertigo yet.   The bike is fitted with Dougies own personal frame and suspension geometry, engine map settings for the ignition and fuel injection and Renthal handlebars.  The titanium exhaust pipe is unique to this model.  The cylinder head is Dougies preferred low compression type.  Again, the throttle body is Dougies personal preference.   A two position mapping switch allows the rider to instantly switch between Dougies two most versatile personal maps.

The Vertical R by comparison receives the racing throttle body and a high compression cylinder head insert.  This provides a much faster and more precise throttle response throughout the rev range.

Vertigo Racing Australia has a small batch of these fuel injected limited edition bikes coming to Australia.  Delivery is expected around late September.  Prices are expected to be $11500 for the Vertical R 300cc and $11600 for the Dougie Lampkin Replica 250cc.  This represents great value for such high quality high end machines.  Drop us an email and we can email you a brochure on these fabulous machines.

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