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Oakleigh MCC Club Practice Trial Event

6th Nov, 2017 | Cristian Ambrozie

Oakleigh MCC Club Practice Trial Event

WHEN:   Sunday the 26th of November
WHERE:    Oakleigh Club Grounds

Everyone is invited to participate in this Gate Trial practice event. The trial is to be held at the Oakleigh Club Grounds on the 26th of November 2017.

A gate trial is a different style of trial where all grades can compete against each other in the same sections. The idea is to score points by riding through pairs of arrows that define a “gate”. The rider decides which line to follow to get the maximum score possible for his or her riding ability. Unlike a normal trial, the rider with the most points wins.

Each grade will get their chance to score a set amount of points through their section AND more points by collecting extra gates as they are running through their section.
There will only be 3 grades; White, Blue and Red.

This will be a self‐scoring event with no trophies; however we do request that ALL riders are to be riding in pairs and score each other.
Any section setters or helpers available on Saturday the 25th of November would be greatly appreciated.  

If you would like to assist, please contact Cristian 0426 292 638 or John 0418 131 748

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