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I think its time we started the process of calling for expressions of interest in Observing for the event.

I have approached people who wish to be delegates from each state who will prepare a list of those people who are keen from their state.

In the first instance those interested should contact their state delegate, who are listed below.

VIC Col Smith
NSW Bob McGlinchy
ACT Trevor Bennett
QLD Robert Eyres
SA Brendan Hogan
WA Mark Austin
TAS Peter Bayles


I think those that are interested will know the contact details for those people so I’m a bit reluctant to post their details on the web site.

For each day we will require:

  • 15 Starters
  • 30 Observers
  • 15 Markers


All these people must be over 16 years old and preferably have trials experience either as a competitor / observer / official and be physically fit enough to stand around a pile of rocks all day.

Once the final list of observers has been decided on I will forward to them instructions including a comprehensive overview of the new non-stop rules.

Also there will be a comprehensive observer briefing prior to the start of each day.

Keep in mind that the paddock opens on the Wednesday for the teams to set up and the practice area will be open on Thursday so there will be a lot of action about the event prior to Sat and Sun. We will also require 15 observers to be available on Friday during a two hour ‘section inspection’ or ‘sighting lap’ for the riders and minders to familiarize themselves with the sections prior to Saturday.

It’s important to note that we don’t expect people to observe both days unless they have a real passion to do so.

As part of the reward to helping out observing everyone will receive:

  • A complimentary ticket to either Saturday or Sunday
  • A commemorative tee shirt
  • The opportunity to display their club’s banner at the section they observe.

If they bring a bike they could extend their holiday and ride the 2 day at Glenmaggie over Easter.

Many Thanks,
Col Scott

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