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2010scorpaSYSCORPA 2010: The story continues :
Turning a new page in its history, Scorpa is back on center stage with brand new motorcycles for 2010. Four models that are diversified, and swell the ranks of the existing range.

After the voyage of 2009, a period of turmoil and difficulty, Scorpa has begun a new chapter in its history. The story is now written in Nimes, France and is characterized by a change in administration.

Scorpa goes ORANGE.
The first visible change is the replacement color. Exit the harmony of blue / gray / black and welcome orange and black!

Evolution, creation and rebirth :
- The two existing families in 2009 (T-Ride and SY) remain in the catalog.
- TY - The family is back.

- A new family "SR" is set for 2010, and sports two machines.

Family T-Ride expands
Comprising up to now only the T-Ride 250F,(still in production with the yamaha 250cc four stroke), the family T-Ride now grows with a new model T-Ride 125-4T, with a single cylinder four-stroke Yamaha.

Two models in the family "SY"

The family "SY" always consists of two 250cc four stroke models (both fitted with single-cylinder Yamaha motors). The standard trials model SY250 FR, and a "Long Ride" version, characterized by a more comfortable seat and a tank of larger capacity. (see LongRide pages of for more photos).

Renaissance of the "TY" family.
The name of these bikes is from one of the legends of trial history. TY 125-4T is naturally equipped with a Yamaha engine. This is also produced in a "Long Ride" version. Less radical, and more comfortable for trial practice and more oriented recreational riding.

Creating a new Family "SR"
With two SR models are equipped with new 2-stroke engines. This SR family is created for pure Trials competition. The SR 125 and SR280-2T are present at EICMA Milan in 2009 and will be in Australia from 2010. "LongRide" version available also.
More information available from Scorpa Australia.
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