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18th Apr, 2010 | Don Murray

marc-colomer-OSSA1According to Marc Colomer, the test and development rider of OSSA’s new Trials motorcycle, “The TR 280i is very light and easy to drive thanks to its innovative weight distribution”.
The excellent test results will make it possible for the motorcycle to begin production in August, as was anticipated.
Light, balanced, easy to ride...these are the main features of the OSSA 280i, according to its test rider, the 1996 Trials World Champion and five time Champion of Spain, Marc Colomer. Its weight distribution, the distribution of mass and balance, never before seen, makes for intuitive and comfortable driving: “While driving it, the feeling is one of complete lightness”, according to Colomer.


Marc Colomer and the OSSA technicians are currently concentrating on fine tuning the revolutionary fuel injection system of the TR 280i’s 2 cycle motor. This is one of the most important innovations of the motorcycle of which Colomer hopes to make the most of.

“The team is really happy with the excellent results of the test rides”, says Joan Gurt, the OSSA Factory General Director. “We have already defined all of the components with which we are working in order to obtain the best performance possible. We find ourselves in the final stage, doing the last tests and verifications so, at the moment, we are on schedule”, affirms Gurt. So, OSSA’s new TR 280i will begin production in Girona in August, as planned.


It has also been confirmed that the first production will be of 1250 units that have already been sold to distributors and importers throughout the entire world. 80% of these sales will happen outside of Spain, especially in Europe, Australia, South America, Canada, and New Zealand, by way of importers. Around 250 will be sold in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. In the second stage, during 2011, a new edition of 3000 more units will be made.

The TR 280i is OSSA Factory’s best calling card. It has meant the return to the market, 25 years later, of the mythic brand of the clover that in the 60s and 70s achieved wide recognition at the international level, beyond the world of motorcycling.

The Australian price is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be around $9990 at current rates. Interest in the return of the OSSA has been strong & a number of deposits have already been placed by customers & a few collectors not wanting to miss out on one of these amazing new machines.

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See Marc Colomer in action on the new OSSA here:

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