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OSSA TR280i 2013 launched

30th Aug, 2012 | Don Murray

The new 2013 OSSA TR280i now has more smoother power, suspension upgrades as well as lighter slimmer plastics & awesome new graphics.

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The engine of the new TR280i is the culmination of two years of development by

the Ossa Race Team “ORT”. Since the revolutionary birth of the engine its unique

characteristics have been praised and acknowledged for the flawless behaviour of

its electronic injection system regardless of temperature or altitude. The engine

possesses unsurpassed smooth and controllable power to enhance any type of

riding at any level.

For 2013 the TR280i receives a new cylinder head completely redesigned and with

higher compression to provide a more efficient combustion chamber improving

power delivery. A new “EFI” electronic fuel injection mapping capitalizes on the virtues of the new thermal cycle and in addition improvements to the crankshaft and crankcase have reduce internal friction and vibration.

The ECU has been relocated for easier access and increase the air box volume.

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The suspension of the TR280i has been of the highest quality and unsurpassed

since the birth of the model. Based on development work by the Ossa Race Team

the suspension has been further improved with a more progressive setting, in

addition the bumpstop of the Ohlins rear suspension has been modified to improve

behaviour and rebounding.

The TR280i will feel as one with your body. The new accelerator has less travel and

a more direct and quick feel. The hydraulic clutch internal diameter has been

increase and the clutch plate design improved. The rear brake hose diameter is

increased to provide an improved feel and more consistent performance. A

stunning new decal design completes the TR280i in green, silver and yellow.



The TR280i 2013 receives a stunning makeover with a new design seat base and

rear mudguard to provide an overall lower profile. The ergonomics are more

streamlined and compact providing greater freedom for the pilot. The overall

feeling of the OSSA TR280i has been redesigned to allow operation of its controls

to be more precise and intuitive to the rider.



With the invaluable experience of the Ossa Race Team the reliability and maintenance of the TR280i has vastly improved as well as performance.

We have worked hard on the gearbox and introduced new tooth design and heat treatment for durability, also redesigned and improved are the internals of the water pump.


Due in Australia November 2012.

For more info:


ph: 02-62480229


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