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Photos: 2019-11-03 TROY Trial Round 5

11th Nov, 2019 | via Johnno's Photos

Photos: 2019-11-03 TROY Trial Round 5

The last trial for the year was held at Pacific Park in the eastern valley. This area has been used before but on Sunday, it was very picturesque with beautiful green grass. Trees provided some shade and with a light breeze, it was probably the coolest available venue for a trial. The one hour per rider observing system was used, with Andy buzzing around helping to make it run smoothly. There was a variation in sections with dirt banks as well as the usual rock. Once again topsoil was loose and a moments lack of concentration would cost marks for the unwary. Those experienced riders though, are like machines and they rarely make a mistake. Always good to watch. The higher grades had the usual big steps and a few radical drop offs. Nothing unusual for those guys. Another well-run and fun trial. I’m sure all of the riders join me in thanking all of the organisers for a job well done and for giving their time regularly to keep trials running smoothly in NSW. Any trials riders out there who are not competing, you know how much fun the sport is and it would be great to see you at the trials next year. Check the Trials Australia website for state calendars of events happening near you. Being the last round of the Trials Rider Of the Year (TROY) series, places were run and won, trophies were distributed and we bid adieu to another year of trials in NSW. Most photos have been cropped to 8x10. Feet up, Ian Johnson

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