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Proposed new Mid-week series.

7th Mar, 2019 | Mark Keenan

Western Districts Trials Club is pleased to announce

Rowans Performance Mechanical WDTC Mid-week Club Trial.

Monday 25th March 2019 at Fordsdale (the same property where we are having the Interclub two day trial a week earlier)

This is the first of a series of 5 proposed mid-week trials being run as an experiment throughout the year by WDTC to cater for the weekend workers, the retired, the unemployed and under employed,  the RDO entitled, and anyone else who can make it.  From our responses so far within the club, few could agree on a best day and so we are proposing to run one on a Monday, one on a Tuesday etc. scattered throughout the year to cover the 5 weekdays.

Our initial responses also indicated that it would be pretty much only lower grade adult riders, so that is the classes we set up for, however all are welcome, and if you are wanting to come and there is no correct class for you to enter,  just enter any class and we will fix it on the day, or contact us and we will fit you in.   Phone 07 3349 9996 or email 

In the usual style for our club competitions, and in the spirit of the QTSC open door policy of participation, any member of any Qld trials club with an MA licence is welcome to participate.  We are not anticipating large numbers, and to minimise the workload on property owners and our usual helpers, we are intending to have an early start on the day and those who can get there early will set sections in the areas recently cleared for the interclub trial held there a week earlier.

We are intending to set a small number of sections, and all ride together in one single group, (or two if numbers are too great) and then return back through the same sections riding them in the reverse direction.  With everyone in a single group, in the same style as what used to happen at Brooweena, everyone gets to see everyone else ride, everyone helps to observe,  helps to score, and everyone gets to ride.

We will be providing a free sausage sizzle, (or equivalent depending on what's available) for all participants, and we are also expecting all riders will remain at the completion of the event for section clean-up, a drink or whatever, and a presentation, but be warned, this event is more about inclusion and participation, and so the trophies might not necessarily go to the actual winners, but might go to the biggest crash, the best failed effort, the best successful effort, or maybe even to the best observer on the day - or whatever is deemed to be a truly outstanding effort by general consensus at the time.

Supp-regs and further details are in Ridernet.  We prefer entries to be done before the event in Ridernet, but we will also accept entries on the day.  



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