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QLD AMA Interclub Series - Round 1

16th Mar, 2020 | Andrew McDonald-Smith
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QLD AMA Interclub Series - Round 1

Logan River Moto Trials Club hosted Round 1 of the very first QLD AMA Interclub Series for 2020 over the past weekend.

On Saturday LRMTC hosted an open Junior Rider Development which 24 beginner, intermediate & advanced junior riders attended. Most of them returned Sunday (including 12 mini-bike riders) to participate in the Interclub Series as their first-ever moto trials experience. Together, the mini-bike riders tackled 4 specially-set sections three times, much to the exhaustion of their minders! :) Many of the families also camped, and a kids movie night proved to be a huge success. 

The Qld Interclub event on Sunday exceeded everyone's expectations, 99 registered riders & mini-bike families filled Hinchcliffe's carpark to capacity. Ten sections were set prior for all grades, with an anticipated 4 laps, however time restraints & number of riders saw the day reduced to 3 laps. Winners were presented with 1st/2nd/3rd place medals for Round 1, and participation medals were awarded to some very happy children.

The property is spectacular for trials and was in top condition with a running creek, rock sections, large dirt banks, slippery roots, large fallen trees, hill climbs and big rock faces. The variety of sections and their challenge provided a large spread of points. See results attached. 

Overall the riders were in high spirits and enthusiastic about future Qld AMA Trials Events. LRMTC sincerely appreciated the number of volunteers who helped with setting sections prior, tent set-up, sign-in, bbq, scoring, photography, as well as the riders from all clubs who assisted in gathering the sections and packing up at the end. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

Looking forward to the next 4 rounds of the QLD AMA TRIAL SERIES:

Round 2 - Sun 31st May / Round 3 - Sun 16th Aug / Round 4 & 5 - 26th & 27th Sept.




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